Corona – Day 32 – Fingers Crossed

Today the Swiss government released their Corona timetable. Looks like proper school will gradually start in the 2nd week of May, they start with kindergarten and primary school and other schools should follow later. Not sure if that’s exactly what what our government will decide but it’s safe to assume that it will be similar in nature. 

Looks like we have to get used to this situation for a little bit longer but it also seems like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel and if things continue like this we should be able to return to some sense of normal in the fall. Hopefully.

Or, maybe the whole thing starts again. There’s a part of me that’s afraid that once we left the restrictions, the infection rate is going to sky rocket again. Let’s just hope I’m wrong. 

Yesterday I looked at some of my earlier Corona posts, one of the main reasons I’m doing these blogposts is to have a sense of my thoughts during this time, and it struck me how surreal the whole thing is. These are truly weird times and I’m actually curious of what the new normal is going to be, if there is one. 

I hope we learn something from this and make a few changes but then again, the human spirit is pretty consistent when it comes to screwing things up and we rarely learn from our mistakes so it’s probably back to normal until the next bad thing happens.

Speakinng of the next bad thing, how do you top a global pandemic? Asteroid? I hope not!

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