Corona – Day 12 – Murphy’s Law

Feedback to the video has been good. I just sent it to a couple of students and I’m not claiming that I’m hitting YouTube jackpot here, but one could say that the video went a bit viral. 🙂

That being said, work on episode two has officially begun. I’m aiming for that 10minute mark. I’ll probably record some more band reactions and I have some ideas for “Anonymous Reporting”.

One thing I might have to introduce thought, “RANT!”. Guess what, the video got copyright flagged for the shirt Corona Song clip. I’m probably not gonna dispute the claim, there’s no money in it, but doing a segment on copyright seems like an interesting idea.

That being said, I’m toying with the idea to do something really educational next time. Should something besides Corona come up over the weekend, I’m seriously going to consider that.

Another idea, I might use a topic my students are working on (Revolution of 1848 or WW II) and do something educational and fun about. WW II with jokes, what could go wrong.

I’m taking a blog break this weekend. I have to start with some grading, apparently of you let your students do work, you have to correct it at some point. Who knew.

Besides that I have to get my new D&D campaign running. I have the first few sessions outlined and I know where I want the campaign to go but I need to adapt to new circumstances. It will be “trial and error” but by now I’m used to that.

If it works out, I might actually try to join an online D&D game.

Murphy s law

WW II with jokes, what could go wrong?

Corona – Day 6 & 7 – One week down

So it’s Sunday evening. The first week is over and what a week it has been. I just finished updating tasks for my students. They should be busy for the next couple of days. I’m really curious how the students will handle those assignments I shared with them. Ideally it’s something I might use once regular school resumes.

The goal for next week is to plan a face-to-face lesson with at least one class. I probably use mine, I’ll set a date and we’ll see see how capable the video conference feature is. Speaking about video, my proper webcam should arrive tomorrow so I might start with with test recordings for my “show” tomorrow. I have some ideas for the first episode, I am aiming for a 10 minute version of “Last Week Tonight”. It’s going be  more of a “proof of concept” than anything else. I’m not sure though I I have the broadcast energy to come across the way I intend to, it’s probably going to be very embarrassing but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the greater good. 🙂

The other area I looked into this weekend was D&D. We have a pretty good group together and we decided to keep playing through the crisis, so we’re switching to online. I looked into roll20 and it looks quite good. It seems manageable without too much hassle. I prefer sitting round a table but it’s definitely better than not playing.

I’m in the middle of learning Premiere. So stay tuned for next weeks adventure in homeschooling.

To close the day, a german video that explains quite well why you should stay put.

#Momentum – The Seven Year Itch

It’s been a while, but I think I’m good to go now. I know, I might have said something along those lines in the past (might have been this January), but this time I mean it. Things are good right now and I feel like I have my shit together again. I just needed some time and a few things have changed in the meantime and I feel good of some new found free time.

I started my diet and exercise regiment again…I have to lose 10Kg by summer… and I finally cracked the beginning of Alaska. I have to admit that I had a hard time incorporating some new ideas, the set up wasn’t working anymore but finally after month of (honestly not thinking about it that much) I finally had the fix for the issue. I’m on page 10 now, I have to continue to make some adjustments but my (realistic) goal os to write at least 5 pages a week.

I hope to be able to increase that number when I rearranged and adjusted all plot points. If everything works out, I should have something presentable after the easter holidays. Stay tuned.

I also managed to get a D&D group together and we’re running a Homebrew adventure. Our first session has been really fun an The next one is in April, finding dates is really hard if you have a bunch of people with lives. 🙂

Other than that, life was pretty uneventful. I read a few books, or am in the process of reading them and I watched some fun and some mediocre movies and TV. Into the Spider-verse is awesome though. Thumbs up. There’s this one shot in that movie that is absolutely spectacular and I hope that 2019 is going to be the year that I “rise to the occasion” as well. If I put the work in, who knows.5c758524eb3ce87cd655fca4 750 562

Progress Report – Six Pack

Let’s do a quick “State of the Union”. #ProjectMomentum is going strong. The page count could be better of course but compared to last year Orlindo and I are at least working on our projects. I hope we’ll get better at this but I’m quite happy with it so far. Strangely, the blogging has become one of my favorite parts of the process and as I mentioned before writing about writing helped (and helps) me a lot to clarify things about my story. I also have to admit that writing prose like this is getting easier week by week and it’s a great feeling, even my typing is improving.

But there’s one thing I fear. I like the 1/2/7/7 thing we’re doing but blogging about it feels like a chore I do and usually after doing chores, you go back to the couch. I do that a lot and I’m not talking about blogging instead of writing, I’m talking about writing up the numbers instead of writing about something I truly care about. So I decided to mix the format up a bit. I will keep the numbers of course (they are an important part of #ProjectMomentum) but I’m going to focus more in content than on the numbers. I realized that the last posts had barely any insight so I want to change that. The most interesting post I wrote so far was “Three Time’s the Charm”, the one about Before Sunrise. I wrote more about one thing instead of a few lines about many things. So that’s where I want to go.

Instead of writing a bit a bit about many topics I’m going to focus on one topic in each post. If I want to write a Deadpool review I’m going to do that, If I feel like writing about how great a writer Neil Gaiman is, I’ll do that and if I want to write about that D&D book I just read, guess what…I’ll write about that.

Ok, let’s do this.

One book/screenplay: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide a D&D campaign sourcebook.
Two movies: Deadpool for fun, Ken Branagh’s Hamlet for work.
Seven pages: working on the pub-crawl scene, reminded me of some great times
seven hours: Orlindo tool a Berlinale break so I focused on something completely different…..

D+d+typical+first+session+stereotypes+if+you+ve+watched+promotional+sessions 312eba 5448828

I’m the one in the striped shirt.

…an now for something completely different, let’s talk some D&D1. I have to admit, I’m really late to that party. D&D is something I always wanted to get into but there were always obstacles in ma way. Last fall I decided to give it another shot. I decided to buy the Starter Set for the newest edition (5th Edition) of D&D. That starter set included some basic rules and a campaign.

I started reading and took in the pictures and I immediately fell in love. The only word that comes to mind is immersive but that’s only half the truth. You have to put a lot of effort into it but, and that’s the beauty of it, your effort is rewarded. It didn’t take long and I bought everything I could find. I have the Player’s Handbook2, the Dungeon Masters’s Guide3, the Monster Manual4 and the afore mentioned Sword Coats Adventurer’s Guide. This is a really strange book, it’s not about rules and it’s not a campaign, it’s a book that’s supposed to inform and inspire your adventures.


D&D 5th Edition

What I love about D&D and I feel comfortable about using the word love after one game as a DM is that the rules are there to elicit creativity and not to bog you down. It’s a lot like telling a story. There are rules of storytelling (like the rules of the game) and the rest s creativity.

So together with some friends we started to play the starter set campaign and we had a great time. We are currently figuring out a way to continue the game and I hope to find a way to make this a regular thing. I’m secretly (well, I guess not anymore) working on my own campaign. I have some ideas on how to make the game my own and I think it’s a really good storytelling exercise. It’s not just about monsters and encounters it’s also about guiding your adventurer’s through a world you created (or adapted) and letting them tell their own story inside your world. It’s like writing a movie but the characters decide themselves what they want to do.

So yeah, if you haven’t played D&D yet, I highly recommend it. The Starter Set is a good starting point, just get some friends together and you’re in for a great time.

So that’s it for the first installment of my new kind of progress report but to try to keep up with another little tradition, now playing: Jon Batiste & Stay Human – Humanism5

  1. For the uninitiated, D&D is short for Dungeons & Dragons, a pen and paper roleplaying game.
  2. The D&D Player’s Handbook contains the rules of the game and character creation
  3. The Dungeon Masters’s Guide contains everything you need to run a game
  4. The Monster Manual is all about….yes, the monsters.
  5. As heard on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert