Corona – Day 18 – Episode 2

Oops, I did it again. I shot and edited episode 2 this week. I need to work on the titles for next week, they are not essential but they should be at least readable. Other than that, I’m quite happy with how episode 2 turned out. 

I waste a lot of time recording…I need to get better but I managed to hide quite a lot of my edits in this video. But still, too many useless takes. 

But I digress. Please enjoy:

Corona – Day 10 – Proof of Concept

Yeah, the ting with the computer didn’t go that well. Had to go all the way and apparently at 2 in the morning I made a mistake with the partitioning and now i need to shove some stuff around. At least I finally git the iCloud to work properly. 

I did a videoconference with two of my classes today. Went quite good. Not the best quality though. Not sure if it’s me, them or just the technology being at it’s limit. 

That being said, I worked on the video today. Uploading it to youtube right now. Probably not the final one yet, just figuring out how its going to look but it’s going to take ages to upload it. It runs almost 7 minutes and it turned out quite OK. I had to redo the whole Intro but recording myself was a bit weird but If I keep doing it, It will get better. I’m a bit stiff. 

The material itself is ok. Nothing too insightful or groundbreaking but as a “proof-of-concept” it will do. I don’t expect a TV station or so to call, but with a bit of practice it might not be too bad.

Stay tuned. 

Corona – Day 8 – Quick & Dirty

Just a short one today. Students are working and so am I. Some of them are actually doing a great job and are very motivated…some not so much.

My webcam arrived today and my setup is complete now. I recorded the band segments today, yes my show has a band and familiarised myself with the Adobe Premiere. Tomorrow is the first day of shooting the actual episode. I have some jokes lined up already and the plan is to put together a 10min show by the end of the week. Who knows, depending on how long this lasts I might actually start to do video essays on a regular basis. 

Stay tuned and healthy.

Corona – Day 3 – What’s in a day

I’m a master procrastinator, so working from home is really dangerous for me but these first two and a half days of “Corona Time” have been quite productive. Communication with students seems to work and most of them are hard at work. One challenge is going to be to make sure that no-one falls through the cracks. I listened to a couple of voice memos my students made, discussing a book. Works great, why didn’t I do this earlier.

Another class writes their results down in the ClassNotebook and discusses current events. If one good thing comes out of this, then it’s the fact that more people in schools embrace the possibilities modern technology provides. I count myself among those.

I promised you some insight into my day and I intend to deliver. I get up around 7 and take a morning stroll. Around 8 I’m back home and around 8:30 I’m in “the office”. So far I usually start the day with checking emails and answering questions. After that I make sure that all my classes for that day have enough work. I obviously make sure of that earlier but yo never know if someone has questions. As I already mentioned I listened to some voice-memos and I started working on a treat for my students… I finally might go full John Oliver. But more on that another time.

I adjusted the teams a bit, watched some tutorials and then it was lunchtime already. After lunch it did more of the same, I also helped my dad a bit in the garden. I have to make sure that I get out of the office regularly. I’m trying to break early today, I will still listen to some memos and answer messages but I worked enough for a day. Tomorrow is a holiday so no work for my students. I might sleep in tomorrow. I also have to correct an exam from last week, so might just do that tomorrow or maybe Friday. I definitely put in my hours these last couple of days so I think I deserve some rest.

I will definitely blog tomorrow. I’m planing to give out some recommendations of things to watch, read and listen.

Let me end today with a little tease though:

Mr. Vogt Explains the World

Coming Soon…