Corona – Day 31 – Probably

I’m back from a short easter hiatus and if I counted correctly it’s day 31 but who cares. Technically I’m on a school holiday at the moment so I have time to focus on other things. The plan is to finally bet some writing done. I got about two hours in on Monday and the plan is at least an hour today. 

I know that once I get the momentum going (remember #momentum) I’ll be able to crank out a few pages during the next few days but it’s just hard to get into the right headspace at the moment. U’l try anyway. 

I uploaded a new video essay over the weekend end that I’m quite happy with. This time it’s about movies that smile themselves in in the first few minutes. Very low viewer count though…I’m probably going to take a short break this week and come back with two fun videos next week. 

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