Corona – Day 10 – Proof of Concept

Yeah, the ting with the computer didn’t go that well. Had to go all the way and apparently at 2 in the morning I made a mistake with the partitioning and now i need to shove some stuff around. At least I finally git the iCloud to work properly. 

I did a videoconference with two of my classes today. Went quite good. Not the best quality though. Not sure if it’s me, them or just the technology being at it’s limit. 

That being said, I worked on the video today. Uploading it to youtube right now. Probably not the final one yet, just figuring out how its going to look but it’s going to take ages to upload it. It runs almost 7 minutes and it turned out quite OK. I had to redo the whole Intro but recording myself was a bit weird but If I keep doing it, It will get better. I’m a bit stiff. 

The material itself is ok. Nothing too insightful or groundbreaking but as a “proof-of-concept” it will do. I don’t expect a TV station or so to call, but with a bit of practice it might not be too bad.

Stay tuned. 

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