Corona – Day 23 – Revisiting some Classics

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been watching movies all the time. I just wasn’t in the mood. Are usually watched one movie each night but most of the time I fell asleep during it after a hard day in the office. (Yes, the days in the office are hard.)

I’m trying to change that now. I re-watched Mad Max Fury Road and Gladiator recently and I decided to go back and revisit some old classics and fill some holes in my watchography. For some reason I’m in the mood for a stupid action movies, so I’ll probably start with some 80s or 90s action movies. I started to compile a list of suitable candidates. 

So if I start using movie one-liners, you know why. Thank god streaming services are full with silly old action movies. Don’t expect write-up though. I’m just trying to kill some time and have some fun while doing it, and who knows I might get some inspiration to finish Alaska.

This movie of choice Beverly Hills Cop.

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