Corona – Day 24 – Bad Idea

Another one of these quick and dirty ones today:

  • Those “Beverly Hills Cop” movies are still enjoyable. 
  • That hot sauce challenge was a stupid idea.
  • Revisiting some classics was a good idea.
  • Next up John McTiernan movies. For some reason I feel the urge to revisit “Medicine Man”. Don’t ask me why. Or maybe I’ll finish Tony Scott’s oeuvre  first.
  • I can handle the hot sauce.
  • None of my students is going to do any of those holiday assignments the our department prepared today.
  • Now I have the “Axel F.” theme stuck in my head.
  • I have to do a proper exam with my students over the computers. That’s going to be fun. Actually, I might have figured that one out. I’m getting. The hang of forms.
  • That was such a stupid idea.

Cu tomorrow. 

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