Corona – Day 22 – The one I dictated

The weekend went over quite uneventful. As I mentioned last week, me and my friends we got together to play some Dungeons and Dragons online. The first half an hour was a little bit weird, but after everyone got used to the new circumstances, we actually had a good time.

Player interaction is obviously not as fun as it is around a table, but it’s better than not playing at all. I’m actually looking forward to the next session. I think I can seriously reduce prepping time this time. I’m also introducing some students of mine into the game over the Easter holidays, so I’ll prep that game as well. 

I’m kind of dreading the Easter break a little bit, the last the last few weeks have been weird but strangely structured, I need to maintain my structure and maybe adjusted a little bit. Instead of doing school work every day I plan to get some writing done every day. Not sure if I should set self any goals, but it would be great to get at least two pages done each day. The main focus is going to be “Alaska” but I’ll just see where creativity takes me.

One thing I noticed it might make things a little more interesting, and I hope you hadn’t noticed so far, are used the dictation feature to write this blog post. It only required a minimum of editing, and it’s not that I’m faster than normal, it’s just interesting to use my voice instead of my fingers to create text.

Not entirely sure how feasible it is to write a screenplay like this, but from time to time you have to mix it up a little bit. I have to admit I’m actually quite enjoying this, part of it being that it actually works quite seamlessly. I’ll have to try German later, but UK English works pretty great.

This is it for today. Stay healthy. 

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