Corona – Day 19 – Another Week

Had a light school day today. Most of my classes are hard at work, there’s still some correcting to do but I’ll probably do that next week. Can’t believe another week is over. It’s so strange, the days are over so quickly and yet it feels ages ago that we had proper school. 

I spent most of the day getting ready for a D&D session tomorrow. First time playing online. I’m curious how that will go. We’re using roll20 and it looks like it might get the job done but I think something will be missing playing online. But who knows, maybe we’ll enjoy it. Prepping was a bit weird though. I have no idea how fast we’ll be and I’m not sure if I have enough encounters. I obviously wants to prep enough but I don’t want to prep too much because it’s obviously different than prepping for live play. 

I’ll keep you posted but you’ll have to wait until Monday. I’m taming a weekend break again. I’m actually quite happy with my blogging and my schoolwork, and you probably already know how proud I am about my videos. 

One thing I have to work on though, writing. I haven’t written a single page since this whole thing started. But the plan is to do that during the Easter break, when schoolwork winds down. 

Ok, time to wind down now. Stay healthy.

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