Random Screenplay Idea: The Company

Blackbox L5IA TeaseIt’s another one of these. I had a couple of ideas over the summer (vacation time is very stimulating), you might remember Sempa Trupka and today I’m going to talk to you about “The Company”.

This one is a low-budget sci-fi thriller about a guy who gets messages from his future self. I’m imagining something in the vein of Primer or other movies like that. What sets my movie apart though, is the fact, that everything turns to shit, ok it’s kinda like Primer.

The ability to change the past is very powerful and I think that this power would ultimately corrupt the person wielding it, and that’s exactly what I’m envisioning. Imagine what you would do, what crazy ideas you would get or what you were willing to do, to change your life for the better only to realize that by doing that you end up alone and miserable.

It starts with these two friends and their garage, picture Jobs and Wozniak and they have a breakthrough, a new form of computing, let’s say quantum-computing. One of them is really surprised when he gets a message from the future through this device. The prototype is connected to its future version and that’s how this communication works.

The movie deals with moments and decisions our protagonist makes, influenced by his future self he tries to optimize everything. Unfortunately he can’t reverse his decisions and after some initial success the shit hits the fan and the future version is forced to use drastic measures.

The movie deals with love, friendship and business. Unfortunately you can’t have everything and our protagonist turns into an “evil” version of himself, only looking out for his own gain, ignoring everyone on the way, he becomes a version of himself he would’ve hated as a young man.

In the end he has wealth and power but no friends and no-one to love. He the king of his empire but he’s alone and miserable.

I don’t have a fleshed out premise or a story yet but after I finish my current project, I might tackle this one.