SoundtrackCorner #1: Getting Started


SoundtrackCorner #1

I have a couple of goals for this year, personal and professional but one of the main goals, well actually it’s the main goal, is to write more. I realized last year that the more I write, the more I write. Sounds redundant but what I mean is, that the more time I spend writing random things, the more pages I get done. It’s like exercise or warm up, after a blogpost I usually write more and better. So this year I want to write more posts on my blog. The #ProjectMomentum updates will continue but I’ll also introduce some new segments. I don’t know exactly what they’ll be but you’ll notice.

But Today I’m going to introduce the first new segment: SoundtrackCorner. Soundtracks have a special place in my heart, in a way it’s how my obsession with movies started and even today I still love listening to a good soundtrack.

Obviously there are different kinds of soundtracks and I’m specifically talking about scores, those roaring main themes, these suspenseful action cues and everything in between. There are many great composers who work in film (and television) and some of their work is truly inspiring and they elevate the movies to new heights. The list of great composers old and new is nearly endless and in this segment I want to highlight some of them and their work. So from time to time I’ll post about a great score and it’s composer but today I’m just going to give you a few things to sink your teeth into just to get you started.

I’m going to name drop some of my favorite composers with a piece of their oeuvre that I think you should now. I’m going to try to take the road less travelled, so don’t be surprised if I’m not talking about their best/most famous composition. Just to be clear, this is not supposed to be a complete list, I’m not trying to do a best of or what ever, I’m just naming some composers I like and a soundtrack I think you should listen to because you might not know that one, I’m working on a top 10 list but you’ll have to wait for that one.

Ok, here we go and don’t think too much about the order and I’m not commenting on my choices, I’ll do that in later posts:

That should occupy you for a while. Don’t think too much about who’s on this list and who isn’t, it’s random just some names and soundtracks I thought of. There’s more to come.

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  1. Da mache ich doch gleich mal mit:

    John Williams: Empire of the sun
    Jerry Goldsmith: Star Trek Insurrection
    Alan Silvestri: Mousehunt
    Hans Zimmer: The Pledge
    Patrick Doyle: Great Expectations
    Michael Giacchino: Cloverfield
    Murray Gold: Dito (Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor)
    James Newton Howard: Dinosaurs
    Howard Shore: The Score
    Danny Elfman: Sleepy Hollow
    James Horner: Batteries not included
    Michael Kamen: Iron Giant

  2. Da kann ich jetzt so aus dem Stegreif nicht ganz mithalten (bin grad nicht zu Hause).

    Drei Soundtracks, die ich immer mal wieder höre, wenn ich was ruhiges möchte:

    Patrick Doyle: Thor
    Klaus Badelt: The Time Machine
    Ilan Eshkeri: Stardust

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