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Greetings my friends. It’s time for a post again but before I go into the numbers I want to talk a little bit about #ProjectMomentum in general. We startet about a month ago and so far things are going good, not great but good. I don’t get as much writing done as I want to but it’s a a lot more than last year. It really helps to blog about your process and it’s good to write down your thoughts and lessons you learned from the books you read or the movies you watched. Reading “Before Sunrise” for example taught me some valuable lessons. I’m not sure I would’ve read that screenplay without #ProjectMomentum.

I said good, not great. Well, It’s the same old story, we (I’m talking about Orlindo and myself) are just too nice to each other. We don’t put on enough pressure on each other but how can I pressure someone else if I’m barely able to get my work done (and by barely I mean not really). So how do we fix this? I have no idea. Maybe some outside pressure would be a good idea (commenters, I’m talking to you), maybe I need to focus on my work and make sure that I’m writing enough pages to make Orlindo feel bad (or maybe the other way round….I’m talking to you Orlindo!!!!).

So, generally speaking, so far so good, but there’s room for improvement. But let’s dive into the numbers.

One Screenplay: I read the novelization of “Bend it like Beckham”. I made my students read it and I’m going to show them the movie. It’s a good story with a nice message but other than that there’s is not lot to talk about there.

The Land Before Time

Don Bluth rocks!

Two Movies: Lot’s to report here. I watched “The Good Dinosaur”. Yeah, not much to say there just that “The Land Before Time” was so much better. The other movie I watched was “When Harry met Sally”. There’s not a lot you can say about that movie that hasn’t been said before. It’s truly timeless and really funny, I’d love to write a movie like that.

Seven Pages: Getting there. The weekend was a bust but I have some good ideas and I’m planing on getting them to the page today.

Seven hours of development: Also getting there. I’m waiting for Orlindo’s pages and inspired by the recent Scriptnotes episode and the twitter feed of the week I had a look at my character introductions, especially the women and I happy to report that I’m not that horrible. Sure, some are atrocious but most were quite alright. I decided to focus on that and I looked at some old scripts and and made some changes.

So that’s it for this week. I just hope that the momentum keeps building bit I guess that’s the point.

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  1. Mein Blogpost ist raus, sitz gerade an “New Beginning”, damit du spätestens morgen wieder ranklotzen kannst! Gogogogogogo!!!!!

    Good Dinosaur vergessen wir lieber ganz schnell, da war selbst Disneys Dinosaur unterm Strich erquickender. Freu dich stattdessen auf Zootopia, Disney hat momentan einfach einen Lauf.

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