Ireland – Part 2 – On the Road

Seems like there‘s a second one of these. 🙂

I spent my last day in Galway visiting the „Cliffs of Moher“, yes those from Harry Potter where one the whatever is hidden. I have to admit, great view, very impressive. I rate it 1/2 Grand Canyon1. I took a bus tour there and the tour was fine and everything but I‘m not a fan. Bussing people to sights like that seems to make sense for a lot of people, it‘s easier and makes it possible for many people to see things like that, hell that‘s the main reason I did it, but mass-tourism has it‘s downsides.

I don‘t want to get into a whole thing here, I‘m not going to write a version2 of the 2018 Matura essay but too many tourist just ruin everything, and don‘t get me started about Galway‘s main street.

But let‘s focus on the exact opposite, me cycling 90+ kilometers from Galway to Clifden. I‘m not saying that I underestimated the first stage of my „Tour de Ireland“ but I might have slightly overestimated my cycling abilities without motor-support, but only slightly. I burnt a lot of calories, not that anyone is counting, but I made up for those with a nice dinner, I even got dessert, not that anyone is counting. 🙂

I can sa though, that I already achieved my main goal, there0s nothing better to clear your head than cycling 90km against the wind. So after a long day, slightly prolonged because I might have missed a right turn, I arrived in Clifden.

I already took a short stroll around the town, the town is not that big and I quite like it. I small, charming and not too overcrowded. If I had my say, I‘d try to find another option for the parked cars in the city centre but you can‘t have everything.

Tomorrow I‘ll try to find a nice place to sit down, I already saw some potential options, and write the second act of Alaska. I have a good feeling that today helped me clear my head to get a couple of good pages out of this town.

Fingers crossed for part 3.

On the Road.


  1. When it comes to natural sights, the Grand Canyon is my benchmark. That one really flashed me. Uluru compares evenly, Mount Everest as well. So, what I‘m saying, 1/2 Grand Canyon is impressive.
  2. an obviously better version of the 30 essays I read about that topic

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