Ireland – Part 6 – Sitting down in Donegal

I can‘t believe I already reached part 6 of this ongoing series and so far these posts almost write themselves. I don‘t really know why I write them, it‘s not that a lot of people are reading them but it does two things.
1. It‘s a good way to reflect and process my vacation.
2. It gets me typing which in turn makes it easier for me to work on the scripts.

I need these posts to get writing, or better put, to get typing. This is not the same kind of writing as screenplay or other forms of fiction. I‘m just writing what comes to my mind, no outline, no plot-points, just writing down whatever comes to my mind.

I just visited Donegal Castle, one of the main attractions here and my timing was perfect to join a guided tour through the castle. Great tour guide and the more I learn about Irish history the more interesting it gets. It‘s not just about the Troubles and the War of Independence, he mostly talked about the Nine Years War and the Plantation of Ulster. Never heard of those two but the English are kinda dicks.

After I left the Castle it started to rain. That seems to be a recurring thing in Ireland but I have to admit, I don‘t mind the weather too much. I rather take a few raindrops here and there over the heatwave that‘s going on back home.

So I‘m sitting in this nice Tea Room right now and the plan is to get some pages down. I got some feedback on my rewrite of act one and I think it‘s getting there. I‘ll probably go over that first and then it‘s probably a good idea to go over the outline again. So, I think I should do that now….


Donegal Castle

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