About me

I believe I can fly.

My name is Gregor Vogt but Greg is fine. I was born in 19821 and I can’t remember when and how it started but I’ve always loved movies, comic books and soundtracks.  “An American Tail” was the first movie I saw in a movie theatre and I’m pretty sure that this movie is at least partly responsible for my love for movies and my hatred of cats.

This love for movies2 soon turned into an obsession and it was only a matter of time until I started writing my own screenplays. It is my dream to run my own television series and/or to write and direct for the big screen one day3. When I’m not writing I work as a teacher with a Master’s degree in English Literature, Media Studies and History.

Most of my writing I do together with my friend and writing partner Orlindo Frick. Together we are the founders and owners of Whiteworms Screenwriting 4. We did a few stop-motion shorts back in the day and we hope that Whiteworms will serve as our production banner one day.

This blog is supposed to help me document my journey and give me an opportunity to reflect upon my work and my process. Occasionally I’ll use it to rant or rave about stuff and very rarely sometimes I pour my heart out… sorry about that, well, not really.

More information about my writing, like finished screenplays and feedback we got, can be found at www.whiteworms.com. Please enjoy responsibly.

  1. What a great year for movies that was. 🙂
  2. …and hatered for cats…
  3. For the record: I have no dreams about what to do with cats.
  4. Formerly known as Whiteworms Studios.

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